Gardabær is a town with a population of around 15,000, close to Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The local authority in Gardabær provides a high level of services for residents of all ages in pleasant, tidy surroundings. 

Information about services provided to residents in Gardabær can be obtained at the website, or at the Town hall offices, located at:

Gardabær Municipal Offices
Gardatorg 7
210 Gardabær

Tel.: 525 8500

The Mayor of Gardabær is Gunnar Einarsson.

There are 8 elementary schools in Gardabær, teaching grades 1-10, two of those are privately run schools, The International School and Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar,  further information about schools can be found here.  Information on kindergartens can be found here.

Health services can be found at Gardabær Health Clinic/Heilsugæsla Garðabæjar, Gardatorgi 7, tel. 520-1800 or at  In emergencies please call 112.  The public library is also located at Gardatorg 7, more information can be found at

Please contact the Town hall offices for applications and for additional information on services, such as welfare services, sports and leisure and information for senior citizens. Garðabær´s multicultural policy in English and Polish can be found by clicking on the language.

A new brochure with important information about moving to Iceland, called "First steps" can be found on the Multicultural Centre website, one for citizens inside of EEA and EFTA and one for citizens outside of EEA and EFTA .

Other websites of note – Translation services – information about public transport in the Reykjavík area - The Icelandic Red Cross - Information about Icelandic institutions and public services - Ministry of Welfare, a brochure on Icelandic regulations published by the ministry – a website for visitors to the Reykjavík area